International Year of Sound 2020

Sound and Society

Sound is omnipresent in our lives. Some sounds are useful, some are enjoyable. Some sounds are intrusive, some are hazardous


Past Top Stories

21 February 2020.   The AIA program for the Year of Sound

A story of shared enthusiasm among people passionate about sound Since the very beginning of the International Year of Sound planning, AIA (the Acoustic Society of Italy) has been involved in organizing and coordinating a broad number of activities. The long-lasting experiences in being an active member of International associations, as well as in chairing […]

6 February 2020.   Spectacular Opening Ceremony

Grand Amphithéâtre of Sorbonne University After many years of preparation, the International Year of Sound 2020 (IYS 2020) was formally launched during a spectacular opening ceremony in the Grand Amphithéâtre of La Sorbonne on 31 January 2020. This monumental amphitheatre was inaugurated in 1889, and was registered as a historic monument in 1975. It was […]

16 January 2020.   Wiki4YearOfSound2020

For the International Year of Sound 2020 (#IYS2020), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, took the lead in designing the online event Wiki4YearOfSound2020, to facilitate the improvement of Wikipedia content related to acoustics, sound, human communication, music, noise its effects and control, and […]

26 November 2019.   Tickets now available for Opening Ceremony

For everyone interested in attending the IYS 2020 Opening Ceremony, tickets are now available. Go to the Opening Ceremony link for details.

29 March 2019.   Declaration of 2020 as International Year of Sound

The International Commission for Acoustics has announced to its Member Societies and International Affiliates that an International Year of Sound will be held throughout the year 2020. It is hoped that the importance of sound in today’s world will reach every part of our planet in 2020.  The International Commission for Acoustics has started preparations […]

9 April 2018.   Communication between whales by sound

Whales make use of an underwater channel to communicate over long distances, hundreds, even thousands of kilometers.

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