International Year of Sound 2020


There is a wealth of information available on acoustics, sound, and the effects of sound


Do you want more information on sound and its effects? Some key online resources are listed below. Also, a couple demonstrations of acoustical effects can be found on the tabs to the left.

  • Wiki4YearOfSound2020
  • Making information about acoustics freely available to everyone to celebrate the International Year of Sound 2020.

  • Explore Sound
  • The education and outreach site of the Acoustical Society of America.

  • Human Sound
  • Physclips on speech and hearing, hosted by the University of New South Wales.

  • Acoustics and Vibrations Animations
  • Educational material by Daniel Russell.

  • Universo del Sonido de AcústicaUACh
  • The “Universe of Sound” project by the Instituto de Acústica of the Universidad Austral de Chile, a support tool for secondary school students and teachers who are studying sound. In Spanish.

  • Exhibition: La La Lab – The Mathematics of Music
  • An interactive exploration and discovery of music from a mathematical perspective, currently showing in Heidelberg. The website from IMAGINARY contains a large set of free / open source resources.

  • World Health Organization — Make Listening Safe program
  • Under the theme “Make Listening Safe”, WHO draws attention to the rising problem of noise-induced hearing loss due to recreational exposure to loud sounds.

  • So klingt meine Welt (Sounds of my World)
  • A YouTube video especially for children, produced by the German Acoustical Society (DEGA), showing the daily routine of a pupil and all the sounds around it – as result of a drawing and video contest.

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