International Year of Sound 2020-2021

Importance of Sound
for Society and the World

The International Year of Sound is a global initiative to highlight the importance of sound and related sciences and technologies for all in society. The International Year of Sound will consist of coordinated activities on regional, national and international levels. These activities will aim to stimulate the understanding throughout the world of the important role that sound plays in all aspects of our society. As well, these activities will also encourage an understanding of the need for the control of noise in nature, in the built environment, and in the workplace.

15 September 2021

Student Competition Update

Winners have been selected

The selection of the winning entries in the IYS 2020-2021 student competition are announced on the Student Competition page.

The organisers were delighted with the wide international response to this competition, encouraging youth to consider and express the importance of sound in their world. For category I (primary schools), 39 drawings were selected as finalists from among more than 650 entries sent to the national representatives. For category II (middle and secondary schools), 33 stanzas were selected as finalists from among more than 50 items sent to national representatives. Moreover, 23 additional contributions, in terms of video and audio tracks, were submitted. For the final assessment in the competition, entries for both categories (Category I – drawings, Category II – stanzas) were received from 16 countries: Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and USA.

The excellent standard and creativity of the entries made the final selection very challenging for the jury. A video to showcase many of the entries will be available around mid-October and this will be an ongoing record of the outstanding innovative and creative ideas from students around the world on "My World of Sounds".

The Students competition is sponsored by the Head-Genuit foundation and was coordinated by Sergio Luzzi assisted by a team of experienced colleagues.


Sound plays an important role in all human activities and applications of acoustics are found in almost all aspects of modern society. Subdisciplines include aeroacoustics, audio, signal processing, architectural acoustics, bioacoustics, electro-acoustics, environmental noise, musical acoustics, noise control, hearing and psychoacoustics, physical acoustics, speech, ultrasound, underwater sound and vibration. Sound is an essential part of communication between humans - in the form of speech, as a sound of warning, and also in music and creative sounds. However there is a concern about too much sound, which then becomes noise and needs to be controlled to ensure acceptable and safe living and working environments.

Upcoming Events

7 December 2021 Indonesia, Singapore

International Year of Sound 2020-2021: Acoustics for People

16 - 18 December 2021 Peru

First Regional Acoustics Symposium

18 December 2021 Japan

The December Meeting of Technical Committee of Architectural Acoustics

28 - 31 August 2022 Brazil

FIA 2020 [rescheduled from 20-23 September 2020 and 23-26 May 2021]

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